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Testimonial 1

“Very, very good!”
“Miss Heather was very good all the time.”

Testimonial 2

“I received good service from I.H.H”

Testimonial 3

“Nursing staff excellent and Therapy staff excellent!”
“Very personal and professional.”
“Therapy methods work very well for me.”
“This is the best staff I’ve worked with!”

Testimonial 4

“Imperial Home Health did an excellent job in
helping myself recover from surgery of my leg. Thank you.”

Testimonial 5

“I have enjoyed the care I have received.
Everyone has been extremely helpful and kind.
They have listened to and addressed my concerns.”

Testimonial 6

“They did an excellent service!”

Testimonial 7

“There was a fire in our area which caused
a bad smoke problem. I was very impressed that
Imperial Home Health called to make sure I could get
out of the are and if I couldn’t, they would
come to pick me up. They would then take me
to a safe place. I felt very well cared for.”

Testimonial 8

“I have been very pleased with this agency and
the care I have been receiving”.

Testimonial 9

“This agency is excellent in their customer
service from the time they initially contacted me,
through the time they discharged me to
Outpatient Physical Therapy. Eleazar,
PT and Marc, PTA were outstanding in
their clinical expertise and they represent
what good is left out of our health care system.
I rate them 15 out of 10 if it is possible.
They helped me transition and get the
appropriate referral to Outpatient PT.”

Testimonial 10

“Si guero compartin gue tienen buen servicio.
Buena atención para los enfermos buenos therapistas. Gracias.”

Testimonial 11

“Bob and wife (Rosie) are very satisfied with every
person that came to care for Bob at home.
Marc, Physical Therapist is an excellent and
well-trained PT absolutely. Susanna is also
someone we feel is well-trained and caring.
She answered our concerns at all times we asked.”

Testimonial 12

“Estamos muy agradecidas a Imperial Home Health
personal muy profesional. En especial a la enfermera
Laurie Saldana. Le da ba una atención muy
especial a Mama y siempre de sus
medicinas y lo qi mama necesitaba. Gracias.”

Testimonial 13

“I have gotten a lot of assistance from the
professionals sent. Thank you.”

Testimonial 14

“Just that the In-Home Health Care Agency
was completely professional and caring.”

Testimonial 15

“I really needed the help and this service was very
good to me. Laurie, my nurse was so
enjoyable. I looked forward to her visit.””

Testimonial 16

“Everyone I was working with were all great people.”

Testimonial 17

“Great job!”

Testimonial 18

“The lady was real nice.”

Testimonial 19

“Tonya Clowser is not only a wonderful nurse, but also
one of the nicest, kindest, most down-to-earth
person my husband and I have ever met!
She has been coming to see me 3x per week
for the past 4 months and is always pleasant
and patient. We consider her our friend as well..”

Testimonial 20

“The nurse I has helped me get X-rays that I needed –
and also removed my staples for me. She was very good.”

Testimonial 21

“All home health care providers have provided
great quality of care, after going above and beyond expected.
We appreciate their kindness and professionalism.”

Testimonial 22

“My home nurse is Camille Lippincott, LVN.
She is very informative and very concerned about
the condition which I am in. Camille takes very
good care of me. I would recommend your
agency to anyone. Many thanks.”

Testimonial 23

“You guys are number one in my book.
You guys are the best.”

Testimonial 24

“I will miss them now. I hugged each and everyone.
Thank you for everything and everyone..”