Expert Nurses to Tend to Tracheostomy Care


The trachea (windpipe) is a component of your respiratory system. It measures 4½ inches long and is located at the front of your neck. It travels from the larynx (voice box) to the lungs. When you breathe, air flows from your nose or mouth through your larynx, then into your trachea and lungs. This passage is known as your airway.

A tracheostomy is a surgical incision in the trachea. It facilitates breathing and prevents airway obstruction. A tracheostomy may be required if:

  • Your airway is obstructed or narrowed by a tumor.
  • Your airway is obstructed or narrowed by secretions (mucus).
  • You’re undergoing surgery, which is likely to result in swelling that blocks or narrows your airway.

If a loved one requires expert hands to care for their tracheostomy tube, Imperial Home Health will be more than glad to provide its services. We have expert nurses on board who are skilled and trained in caring for different types of surgical tubes.

As part of our home health care in Victorville, California, our skilled nursing services aim to make the recovery journey of our clients a safe and comfortable one. Our skilled nurses can also teach patients and family members how to care for tracheostomy tubes.

  • Suction your tracheostomy tube to clear the secretions from the airway for easier breathing.
  • Clean the suction catheter to prevent infection.
  • Replace the inner cannula to keep secretions from blocking it.
  • Clean your skin around the tracheostomy to prevent irritation.
  • Moisturize the air you breathe to loosen secretions.

You can count on our home health service to provide your loved one with the best care possible.

Contact our home care in California for more details about our services.

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