What Causes Persistent Pain for Most Seniors?


Pain serves as a warning system, alerting people to potential health issues. While most pain disappears after fixing the underlying problem, some forms persist long after healing. When pain is severe enough to disrupt a person’s day-to-day existence, they may get fixated on the discomfort, leading to despair and irritability.

Chronic pain can affect virtually any portion of the body, and there are many potential causes for your loved one’s persistent pain and subsequent need for ongoing professional care.

  • Injuries
    It’s common for seniors to experience a resurgence of symptoms from previous injuries as they age. Some specific injuries require more health care services, and others may even worsen with time as the body undergoes regular wear and tear.
  • Arthritis
    Arthritis is a frequent health problem in the elderly, and the pain it causes can make it challenging to go about daily life. That’s why some elderly seek out a specific home health service, pain management, which can help monitor symptoms and make it easier to keep track of prescriptions.
  • Diabetes
    When your loved one’s diabetes is likely out of control, they may experience persistent pain. Most commonly, people with diabetes experience nerve pain, which can feel like a burning or stabbing feeling in their hands or feet.

You can do several things to manage your pain effectively, and one of them is getting our pain management as a part of our home health care in Victorville, California!

At Imperial Home Health, we’ll send one of our registered nurses or licensed practical nurses to your home and provide care for you through our skilled nursing services! To learn more about our home care in California, contact us for more information!

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