How to Keep Optimal Health in Senior Years


There are several factors that influence how healthy we age. Among these is genetics, which is beyond our control. But there are other factors that are controllable such as a healthy and balanced diet, exercise, regular check-ups as well as taking good care of our mental health. Read on to know some of the ways in enhancing our chances of keeping the best possible health in our senior years as suggested by healthcare experts such as those providing home care in California.

  • Stop smoking
    If we stop smoking, it will definitely enhance our health regardless of our age or how long we’ve been smoking. When we quit smoking as encouraged by our healthcare professionals like those who offer home health service, it will give us the following benefits; enhances the circulation of our blood, enhances our sense of taste as well as smell, improves our capacity to exercise, minimizes our risk of stroke, cancer, heart attack, as well as lung illness, and gives a healthy example for others to emulate.
  • Have ample night’s sleep
    Having ample sleep aids us in staying healthy as well as alert. Although we, seniors require the same number of sleep as all adults do, we usually don’t have enough of it. It’s harder to sleep when we’re sick or in pain and some medicines make us not feel sleepy. If we lack sleep, we may become irritable, forgetful, depressed, and have the tendency to fall or have other accidents. Healthcare professionals providing health care services recommend that we get enough sleep.
  • Do regular exercise
    Doing exercise is considered a pillar of healthy aging. There’s scientific proof suggesting that those individuals who do regular exercise will not only have longer lives but better lives as well. This means longer years minus pain or disability.
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet
    When we eat healthily, it helps us protect ourselves from particular health issues as we age as well as aids us in enhancing cognitive function. Similar to exercise, eating healthily is not just about our weight. Selecting what to eat can be confusing because there are several diets to choose from. It’s recommended that we follow the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans as it provides eating patterns that contain a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits, healthy fats, whole grains, as well as lean proteins. We can seek the help of our healthcare provider for nutritional guidance.

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