Overcoming Stress in Healthy Ways


We all experience stress. It’s a normal part of life. Our stress response is considered our body’s survival mechanism that enables us to respond to hazards or challenging situations. Some of the stress we encounter is positive like giving a speech in front of a crowd. It’s stressful but at the same time challenging, satisfying, and rewarding. However, when the stressful experience is negative and unavoidable like a family member’s medical crisis, work dismissal, or chronic stress, the responses to the stress of our body can undermine our physical as well as mental health. Read on to know some of the healthy ways we can overcome stress as recommended by healthcare experts such as those providing home care in California.

  • Discard the stressors
    The intensity of the circumstance as well as the individual experiencing it will determine whether we’ll experience stress which is intolerable. How we comprehend and think about a certain stressor will have a significant impact on our response. If it’s not possible for us to avoid a stressful circumstance or problem, we can try to minimize the stress that we feel as advised by healthcare experts like those offering telehealth.
  • Have a healthy diet
    When we experience stress, adrenaline, and cortisol are released by the central nervous system which has an effect on our digestive tract along with other physiological changes. Acute stress takes away our appetite. However, as we experience chronic stress, the hormone cortisol is released, resulting in sugar and fat cravings. Studies have revealed that high cortisol along with high sugar intake may result in the deposition of fat in our internal organs. Having a healthy diet not only safeguards our health but also gives us more energy to overcome challenges. We can ask for advice from our healthcare provider for nutritional guidance.
  • Relax the muscles
    Stress makes our muscles tense which may result in backaches, tension headaches, as well as general fatigue. We can fight stress and its symptoms through massage, stretches, or warm baths as suggested by healthcare professionals like those providing home health service.
  • Exercise
    Enhances not only sleep but also directly fights stress. It can also take away stress’ negative effects, along with its effect on our immune system. Simple exercises such as a 30-minute brisk walk or a dance session in our living room will get positive results.

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